New era, new site layout

New era, new site layout

2018, Aug 14    

After a couple of months of complete silence, I’ve decided to restyle my site and blog more frequently again. Main reason of this was my visit of the TechMentor conference last week in Redmond, WA. And to be more precise: Michael Bender’s session Building a New Career in 5 Hours a Week.

One of the items he was covering during his talk, was blogging. He described that people, including himself, are having trouble to keep writing blogs. He had a couple of good examples, like not posting a blog because of the fact that you keep trying to make the blogpost ‘perfect’. He also described the situation of troubleshooting someting, knowing that you’ve solved that sort of a problem before. “If I just had blogged about this, I could fix this more easily…”

His advices was to just go write and published blogs, since there’s always the possibility to change or update it afterwards. So, here we go! Please look forward to more blog posts of me to come. :wink:

In the meantime, you can find my ‘old’ blog here or through the icon in the bar on the left hand side.

Cheers, Sven